March 11, 2013 – Thoughts on Leadership, Gospel Proclamation, The Family, Kid’s Ministry & more.

11 Mar

Creating Kingdom Kids by Clayton King

Gospel Proclamation by Ed Stetzer
… the mission of God involves both proclamation and demonstration but that focusing too much on demonstration without proclamation is not the best approach for Christians to save a dying world.

Designing for Spiritual Growth by Eric Geiger
Spiritual growth is a process.  It always has been.  Thus, it would make sense for church leaders to design their churches around the process of spiritual growth.

The Tension Between the Ideal Family and Reality by Andy Stanley
“Jesus is inviting you, in fact I think Jesus is instructing you and is instructing me to follow him into the complexity of family life and carry the tensions between what’s real … and what’s ideal,” he preached.

“The question is, will we embrace the standard that many of us have fallen short of … or will we redefine terms so that we can feel better about where we are?” he asked the congregation.

“Are we willing to embrace [the] standard … or will we decide those verses don’t count anymore in order to create a system and a view of family that’s comfortable?”

Seven Warning Signs of a Leader’s Fall by Chuck Lawless (via
The story of Peter’s fall is filled with warning signs for today’s leaders. Though these signs don’t always happen in a linear fashion, each one should cause us to slow down and evaluate our lives.

Thankful for the Little Things. Like Water by Jon Huff, Missionary to Togo, W. Africa
We should be thankful for something as simple as clean water, because in some places it is a very difficult thing to get.

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