Thursday – Do You Fear the Lord?, Dinesh D’Souze debunks the morality of Universal Healthcare, We Wait to Long to Train Our Leaders, The Sovereignty of God, & Rethinking Christmas Songs

20 Dec

Do You Fear the Lord? Regi Campbell
If you believe He’s (God) completely and totally good, then He’s to be revered, respected, honored, worshipped, and surrendered to….not feared, dreaded or run away from. If you’re not sure God is good, you’ll never totally trust Him, and you’ll never have real peace about the events of life. I’m not saying it’s easy, even when you believe God is good. I’m saying it works. And I personally believe it’s true. More…

Dinesh D’Souza presents the faults of Universal Healthcare in a comical, yet poignant way.

We Wait to Long to Train Our Leaders Jack Zenger
When I looked back at our database of some 17,000 worldwide leaders participating in our training program, who hailed from companies in virtually every sector throughout the world, I found that their average age was 42. More than half were between 36 and 49. Less than 10% were under 30; less than 5% were under 27.


But the average age of supervisors in these firms was 33. In fact the typical individual in these companies became a supervisor around age 30 and remained in that role for nine years — that is, until age 39. It follows then, that if they’re not entering leadership training programs until they’re 42, they are getting no leadership training at all as supervisors. And they’re operating within the company. More…

‘The Great I AM’, Not the ‘I Wish I Was’ David C. Price
If you’re anything like me, you’re getting “sick and tired” (two inseparables there) of hearing armchair theologians declaring that God was not present at Sandy Hook because “we systematically kicked Him out of society.” I’m getting to the point that I may actually scream out loud if I hear it again (now, waiting for someone to say it just so I have to follow through).

One more time: 1. God is sovereign and omnipotent. That means He is all-powerful and cannot be over-ruled or pushed around.  He does not submit Himself to mere man or else He would cease to be God (and man would step into His place).  He is in His heaven and does whatever He pleases (Psalm 115:3).  2.  He cannot NOT be somewhere. He is omnipresent. David worships God because of this in Psalm 139 (7-12).

It is maddening to continually hear people with good intentions who want to see prayer in public schools restored use bad theology to do it as if the end justifies the means.  More…

Let’s Rethink Our Holly-Jolly Christmas Songs Russel D. Moore
Sometimes I learn a lot from conversations I was never intended to hear. This happened the other day as I was stopping by my local community bookstore. It’s a small store, and a quiet store so it was impossible not to eavesdrop as I heard a young man tell his friend how much he hated Christmas. And, you know what, the more he talked, the more I understood his point.

This man wasn’t talking about the hustle and bustle of the holidays, or about the stresses of family meals or all the things people tend to complain about. What he hated was the music. More…

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