Tuesday – Txting is Kllng r Communication Skillz, A Baby Not A King, Everyone Wants to Know Why He Did It, The Brain on Lust

18 Dec

How Txting is Kllng Our Communication Skillz Philip Nation
You simply cannot communicate tone in the same way in print as you can with speech. So, it allows for more passive-aggressive communication. As long as you attach a smiley-face emoticon, then everyone is simply supposed to forgive or laugh off what you stated.

A Baby, Not A King Ron Hutchcraft
Oh, we like the little Baby Jesus. We like a lot of things about Jesus. As long as He runs the universe, but I run me. Which is messed up.

Everyone Wants to Know Why He Did It Lee Tomlin
When we crave the position and power of God we experience great destruction. When we imitate the character of Christ, we make an eternal impact.

The Brain on Lust Sharon Hodde Miller
In our culture we are inundated with a very particular image of women. Whether it’s on t.v., the internet, magazine covers, catalogs, or billboards, women are portrayed as beautiful objects, as seductresses. Even the most wholesome images communicate this message, using a beautiful female face to draw one’s attention.

Exactly what this does to the brain is hard to say, but I imagine it is shaping our brains rather profoundly. The category of “womanhood” as portrayed by the media is so powerful that when I look in the mirror, all I see is the ways I fall short. Clearly, those neural pathways for “woman” have been created and reinforced over and over again. What’s more, when many men look at women, they are tempted to view them the way culture teaches men to view women–as sexual objects.

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