Monday – What Happens When Children Die, Three Reasons Why Christians Get Offended, Let Your Church Be About the One Stray Sheep This Christmas, & How Christians Should Respond to the Horrors of a Broken World

17 Dec

Words of Comfort for Newtown by Dr. Johnny Pope
What Happens When Children Die?
As the day progressed Friday, our hearts were filled with grief. Grief for the families of Newtown, Connecticut who did exactly what many of you did last Friday — you dropped your kids off for school, casually said good-bye and planned to get some things done before you joined your kids at the supper table. I was wondering how many parents had already purchased Christmas for their children when they quickly received a robocall on their cell phones that all parents of kids at Sandy Hook School should come immediately to the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department. What a picture in my mind as I see a mother and father are told there will be no more children brought over from the school. It was reported the wails of mothers were heartbreaking. Children die every day, but rarely so many and so nightmarish as what transpired Friday in Connecticut. What happens when a child dies?

Three Reasons Why Christians Get Offended by God & What To Do About It Frank Viola
If you’ve not yet met the God who refuses to meet all your expectations, you will. And how you react in that day will reveal whether you are worshiping Jesus Christ or Santa Claus (see John 6:26). It will show whether or not you love God more than His promises (or really, your interpretation of those promises).

Let Your Church Be About the One Stray Sheep this Christmas Rick Warren
Jesus loved lost people. He loved spending time with them. He went to their parties. From the Gospels it is obvious that Jesus enjoyed being with seekers far more than being with religious leaders. He was called the “friend of sinners.” (Luke 7:34)
Take the cue from the Good Shepherd in Luke 15 and let your church be all about the one stray sheep this Christmas.
The brokenness of the world is on full display this day. Don’t be afraid to talk about it. All the silly “positive thinking religion” collapses on days like this. This world is broken and only God has the ultimate fix.
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