Friday – Christmas & the Founding Fathers, Biblical Manhood, The Importance of Fathers, and Looking Forward to 2013

14 Dec

Bill O’Reilly Unleashes on ‘Secular Clown Posse,’ Lectures Media About the Nativity & the Founding Fathers Billy Hallowel via The Blaze
Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly isn’t backing away from his claims surrounding the annual War on Christmas. In fact, on Thursday night, he doubled down,dismissing a “secular clown posse” comprised of media figures who purportedly have little knowledge about the nation’s founding.

While he noted that conservatives have won some of the battles in the the annual debate over Nativity displays, crosses and “holiday trees,” O’Reilly warned that the War on Christmas is far from over and that it is, in fact, ”symbolic of the entire culture war.”

What the Bible Says About Being a Man – Thomas, Baptist Press
We live in a world that wants to remove gender differences, from the Easy Bake Oven to the Supreme Court. Anyone who has reared boys and girls knows that natural differences exist, and in the case of my children, those differences emerge in almost every area of life. I believe God created men and women equal yet different. Instead of fighting against God’s intended design, we should embrace the biblical model. We need to teach, foster, and encourage men to be biblical men. So what does this look like?

Without a Dad Ron Edmondson

Looking Ahead to 2013: What Should the Church Expect? Sam Rainer
So what trends should the church expect to help define the cultural climate of 2013? More specifically, what assumptions do people have about organizations right now? The Ford consumer environment report has a lot of commonalities with current church research. I’ve listed below a few general, qualitative assumptions for church leaders to consider.

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