Thursday – 10 Reasons to Share Musical Opinions Humbly, Living by Faith, Exposing Christmas Myths, & Controlling Your Speech

06 Dec

Top Ten Reasons to Share Musical Opinions Humbly Bob Kauflin

Some of my best work… by Ron Edmondson

Is done when I can’t understand all that I’m doing…

  • When things are messy…
  • When my head is cloudy…
  • When I have more questions than answers…
  • When my faith is being stretched…
  • When I am unsure of my position…

If you wait until you have all the answers…where doubt is removed completely… You’ll often find yourself stagnant on making decisions… You’ll seldom achieve “the best you can do”… And the rewards you receive will be less than monumental…

Part of living the Christian faith is actually using it!

Separating Fact from Fiction in the Nativity Story – Christmas Myths Exposed Frank Viola If you’ve ever heard the Christmas story retold or watched it dramatized on film, you may not have realized how many myths were added to the story found in the Gospels . In this piece, I address some of them.

Controlling Our Mouth: Are We 0 for 3? Jonathan Pearson

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