Friday – Subversive Preaching, Drowning Out Disturbing Music, How to Pray for Your Pastor in December

30 Nov

Subversive Preaching: An Exerpt from Subversive Kingdom Ed Stetzer
Each of us has been raised on certain givens, standards, and traditions that may or may not find their basis in scriptural truth. The ideas that motivate us, determine our priorities, frame our ethics, and inform our behaviors can come from anywhere–books, interviews, random trails of thought that float into our ears and bounce around in our heads. But only the Word can produce kingdom fruit. If our lives don’t start there, they cannot lead to anything that eternally matters.

Drowning Out the Disturbing Music Ron Hutchcraft
“You can’t stop the world from playing its alluring attractions for your children, but you can play the music of Jesus louder.” How do you do that? Impress His teachings on your children. It doesn’t just say tell them or teach them. It says to impress them.

How to Pray for Your Pastor in December Paul Chappell
In case you haven’t already noticed, December is a busy month. Whether or not you are a pastor, your schedule is surely more filled this month than is comfortable.
As a pastor, December is literally the most challenging month of the year for me. There are three specifics I pray for (and ask others to pray for on my behalf) this month.

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