Monday – Leadership & Change, A Call to Teens to Love Jesus, The “Googilization” of Bible Study, and Redeemed Characteristics in Your Children

19 Nov

Read Today’s Turning Point – a daily devotional message from Dr. David Jeremiah.

A Father’s Fright of Twilight Mark Driscoll

When Leaders Change to Quickly Thom Rainer

Calling Teenagers to Treasure Christ More than All Things Richard Ross
Many teenagers in the church value their faith because of the advantages it brings to them. They tend to think Jesus exists to make their lives happier and better. This is another indication of the moralistic therapeutic deism that permeates many of them.

The Googilization of Bible Study Mike Leake
If I have an intellectual problem I tip my hat to Mr. Google and get an answer.  Very quickly.  I read through some sort of answer and then move on.  The problem with this, though, is that I havean answer but I do not own that answer.

Redeemed Characteristics in Your Children Michael Kelley
Think with me for a minute about that one thing in your child. That one thing that can both lift your heart and make you roll your eyes. That one thing that might even be a mirror of yourself. That one thing which, among many other things, makes your child unique.

That they get so focused on whatever they’re doing they lose track of time and can’t focus on anything else.

That stubbornness that can be so frustrating.

That creative way they seem to draw all their pictures.

That way they have of thinking that reminds you they have a whole world constructed in their minds.

That one thing.

Got it?

Now think with me not of what that one thing looks like right now, because right now, it might indeed be frustrating. It might be maddening when you know they need to stop being so focused on the television that they listen to you asking them what they want to drink for dinner. It might cause you to want to pull your hair out that no matter how many times you logically explain a situation they are still committed to their own ideas. It might be endlessly aggravating that they always seem to be moving on from the small things like making the bed or cleaning the toothpaste out of the sink.

Don’t think about what it looks like right now. Think of what that same characteristic might look like having been filtered through the redemptive hands of God in Jesus Christ.

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