Friday – Adultery & Leadership, Irresponsible Speech, The World Watches How Christians Treat One Another, At the Car Wash

16 Nov

Today’s Turning Point – a daily devotional message from Dr. David Jeremiah.

Adultery and Leadership Thom Rainer
It’s somewhat surprising that the media is making a fuss about the David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell affair. After all, adultery is normative according to most media standards. This time, however, there is the potential damage of compromising highly sensitive security information. And there are the unanswered questions of “Who knew?” and “When did they know?”

But the spectacle does raise the question: What is the impact on a leader and his or her leadership when he or she is involved in an affair? I have been disgusted as I heard different pundits attempt to answer this question.

The Danger of an Irresponsible Tongue Ritchie Miller
According to Solomon, irresponsible talk makes a mess of things. This is true in marriage, with your children, with your friends, and with your work. If I am irresponsible with the things I say and the way I say them I am throwing a potential grenade in the middle of all my environments.

Warning: The World is Watching how We Christians are Treating One Another Frank Viola
“If Christians cannot extend grace through faithful presence within the body of believers, they will not be able to extend grace to those outside.” ~ James Davison Hunter

It’s not uncommon for some Christians to throw verbal assaults at one another on Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and other Internet venues. As a result, the world sees people who profess to follow Jesus .  . . fighting, misrepresenting one another, and even “blocking” one another.

At the Car Wash Amber Lee
It was March 4, 1999 and I was living in Jacksonville, Florida going to Trinity Baptist College.   I left my dorm one afternoon and sought out a car wash to clean my Chevy Blazer, better known as “The Blaze of Glory!”  I came upon the Sonshine Car Wash and thought it was as good as any!  Now, when I clean my car, I do it right.  I washed and dried the outside and made the tires all shiny then drove forward to the vacuums to clean out the inside, all the while not noticing that the sun had gone down and it was dark.  I was on the driver’s side of the car vacuuming out the floorboard and had just put the quarters into the vacuum when all of a sudden someone grabbed my arm and turned me around.  I was pinned up against the open car door & I dropped the vacuum.  This man who grabbed my arm demanded that I give him the keys to my car.

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