Thursday – The Burden of Earning, Return to What?, Give Up on Some Goals, & Editing the Name

15 Nov

Today’s Turning Point – a daily devotional message from Dr. David Jeremiah
The Lord in his suffering… provided a path of triumph which we can walk. The Word, watchfulness, prayerfulness. That’s it. No magic. That’s how you deal with [temptation]. Pour the Word in. Stay alert. 
John MacArthur

The Burden of Earning Eric Geiger
Serving as an attempt to pay God back for His grace is futile—not only because our best efforts would prove woefully inadequate in paying Him back but because there is nothing to pay back. The gospel reminds us that the debt of our sin has already been paid in full.

Ministry, then, must not be unintentionally promoted to the people in our churches as a means of restitution for what Christ has done. Believers who live with that burden will serve out of obligation as they drift from the grace of God. Churches who place that burden on believers are peddling a new law that enslaves.

Return to What? Arun Andrews, RZIM
The moment was electric with emotion. Before this group of two to three million people lay the waters of the Red Sea. Behind them rose the spiraling dust from the hoofs and chariots of their former slave-masters, the Egyptians.(1) There was no way to go forward. No way to slip out into oblivion. As they faced their moment of challenge, they discovered there was room to go in one only direction—backwards!

Give Up on Some Goals Regi Campbell
Are you willing to trade ‘being a better man’ for being closer to Jesus?

Editing the Name Ron Hutchcraft
What’s the power that pushes back the darkness and changes people’s lives? The power is in the Name of Jesus Christ. What’s the problem people have with Christianity? Oh, you know, we can talk about God; nobody cares. About problems? About church? Fine. We talk about love or life or family values? That’s okay. But it’s when we talk about Jesus that people say, “Whoa! That’s too far!” See, nothing has changed over 2,000 years. The power of Christianity is in the Name of Jesus; the problem people have with Christianity is the Name of Jesus. But there is no other Name, the Bible says.

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