Wednesday – Flirting with Fire, Give Me Scotland or I Die, The School of Joy, Are You Calm in the Storm, and Spiritual Gifts

14 Nov

Today’s Turning Point – a daily devotional series by Dr. David Jeremiah

Flirting With Fire 

And don’t give the devil a chance.
Ephesians 4:27 (CEV)

The age-old question “Why did Eve go near the tree of knowledge of good and evil?” hits closer to home than most of us might care to admit. If asked, “Do you flirt with temptation?” We may answer “No,” But do we prove it in our daily pursuits by showing discernment as we use the Internet, choose movies, and prioritize our time with God? How close do we allow ourselves to get to temptation?

Temptation reveals what’s in our hearts. When we walk away from a tempting scenario — and you probably know your weaknesses — our hearts reveal what we truly believe. Each time we flee from temptation, it’s not just a single victory. That victory is one step toward more victories because resisting temptation builds spiritual muscles. When temptation strikes again — and it will — we’ll be stronger in dealing with it because we’re becoming more like Christ.

The daily habits of holiness built through reading the Word and prayer are the best ways to guard ourselves against temptation. The temptation itself has a way of strengthening us through the process to be holy and righteous people. Are you stepping toward temptation? Or away from it?

Every time we say yes to temptation, we make it harder to say no the next time.
Jerry Bridges

Give Me Scotland or I Die Ed Stetzer
Until the church dies to its comfort, preferences, wants and desires, it will not be able to reach the community. But like a grain of wheat, it must die so that it may bring new life.

The School of Joy: “Seven Secrets of a Happy Prisoner” Philippians 1:1-11 Dr. Randall Smith
Joy is not a random gift; it can be learned – but it takes practice.

Are You Calm in the Storm Regi Campbell
Keeping our eyes on Jesus reassures us it’s going to be all right. Jesus is “seated at the right hand of the Father”. Every situation coming at us comes through His hand first. Knowing He loves us so much, knowing the outcome’s going to be all right, and the situation is under His control gives us the confidence we need to be “calm in the midst of the storm.”

Gifts & Talents Tim Keller
Find the jobs in the church that need to be done and then do them.

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