Friday – Discipleship vs Morality, What are you teaching me Lord, and gods that die.

09 Nov

Today’s Turning Point – a daily devotional by Dr. David Jeremiah.

Is Discipleship Only About Our Morality? Philip Nation
Too often the church has defined discipleship as either behavior modification or information overload. Neither of these lead to a spiritual transformation. They lead to moral and smart people but not Christ-centered people.

What Are You Teaching Me Lord? Regi Campbell
But God’s way isn’t usually the easy way. And His way of getting us up to speed ‘walking in the Spirit’ is more like diet and exercise. It can’t be faked, substituted for or imagined in our minds. No short cuts. It takes work. It takes Bible reading and study, memorization, listening to good Bible teachers, and reading ‘books about the Book’ written by smart people who’ve spent years walking with God and learning Him.

Gods that Die Ron Hutchcraft
Well, I fell in love with a girl from Arkansas, and she informed me that the largest religion in the state is football; especially the University of Arkansas kind of football – the Razorbacks. So, guess who the most important man in the state is? No, not the governor; he’s number two. Probably the most important man is the football coach of the University of Arkansas. Now, years ago In the ’80s it was a man named Ken Hatfield; in this particular case, a follower of Jesus Christ.

He gave his testimony at Billy Graham’s Little Rock Crusade some years ago, and I happened to be there that night. Everyone really listened because of who he was. He told us about the turning point in his life, and it was 1964. He was playing for the University of Arkansas, and his dream had come true. They had just defeated Nebraska for the national championship in college football – #1. He told us that he read those headlines the next morning of how Arkansas was number one, and he realized he had experienced his greatest achievement and it left him totally depressed the next day. He summed it all up in four words that I haven’t forgotten. He simply said, “My god had died.” They have a way of doing that.

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