Thursday – Thoughts on Leadership, The Potential of Forced Abortion in America, Mormonism, and Dangers of Leading from the Past

01 Nov

Today’s Turning Point, a daily devotional from Dr. David Jeremiah.

Church Vision” Tom Messer, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church
As a pastor of a church that is struggling to connect with this Millennial generation and involve them in a healthy way in church life, and as a father of four Millennial children, this concerns me. I want them (my children and young people in our church) to have a clearer view of the role of the church and a brighter hope for the future. The church, when it is functioning right, is the hope of the world!

Young Leader: Watch the Generations” Art Rainer
Each generation has developed some traits that are worth noting, worth internalizing. Keep your eyes open; watch the generations. If you want to be a great leader, purposefully learn from each one of them. Purposefully seize this moment. Do not let arrogance shun the opportunity to develop your skills, your understanding of leadership.

Dealing With This ‘Mormon Moment’: Cults, Truth and Grace” Ed Stetzer, President, LifeWay Research
Right now, many are discussing what to call members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Is it a denomination, a cult, or another religion? How should we discuss such things in the moment?
-Also read his follow up article, Five Thoughts on Yesterday’s Mormon Article.

Judge Could Force Mentally Disabled Nevada Woman to Have Abortion Jason Howerton, reports in Nevada, “the life of an 11-week-old unborn baby and the future of his or her 32-year-old mother hang in the balance as a judge considers whether or not to order the woman to undergo an abortion and sterilization against her will.”

A Daily Prayer” Regi Campbell, Radical Mentoring
I’m not a big fan of scripted prayers. I don’t read what I want to say to my wife or my best friend. On the other hand, I sometimes get ‘stuck’ and the only way I can pray a complete sentence without my mind wondering off is to write it out and read it out loud to God.

This prayer is different. Maybe because it’s Scripture…or because it’s so relevant.  It feels really personal when I pray it thoughtfully to my Heavenly Father.

Why Basing Your Next Ministry Decision on Precedent Might Lead You to the Wrong ChoiceEric McKiddie
When a leadership team faces a dilemma, “What did we do last time?” is a question that tends to pop up. The assumption is that past precedents help you make the right decision now.

While this is true, it’s not true as often as leaders expect.
Here are five reasons why arguing from precedent might lead your ministry in the wrong direction.


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