Monday’s Links – Anger Management, Encouragement, Growing Young Leaders and more…

30 Oct

Here’s a list of great blogs and articles for reading.  Hope you enjoy and it is a blessing to you and your ministry.

Monday’s “Turning Point” – a daily devotional by Dr. David Jeremiah

Anger Management in the Ministry” – John Powers
Great thoughts on anger for all Christians, especially those in the ministry.

From the blog:
Ephesians 4:26-27; 30-32 teaches several principles about being proactive in dealing with anger:

  • Principle 1: Admit the sin in your anger (Ephesians 4:26).
  • Principle 2: Confront anger by seeing the devil in it (Ephesians 4:27).
  • Principle 3: Invite the Holy Spirit to change you by confessing anger (Ephesians 4:30).
  • Principle 4: Choose to drop your anger…at this very moment (Ephesians 4:31).
  • Principle 5: Substitute forgiveness for your anger. (Ephesians 4:32).

Five Ways to Encourage Yourself” – Ritchie Miller
“Have you ever known God to use a greatly discouraged person? I have searched the Bible and I have found many people that God used while they were encouraged but I have yet to find one that God used greatly while they were discouraged.”

Five Ways to Help Young Leaders Succeed” – Ron Edmonson

I love working with young leaders. I consistently look for ways to invest in and recruit those who are currently entering the field of leadership or who will be in the future. In doing so, I see part of my role in working with younger leaders as helping them succeed.

I’ve been practicing this for years with incredible results finding new leaders; for non-profits where I serve on the board, to businesses I’ve owned, to churches where I’ve served as pastor. It is often “easier” to get a “seasoned” leader, but I have found, in certain positions, the younger leader is the best option. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way.

Laypeople and the Mission of God: Part IV- Changing the Culture of Expectation in Your Church” – Ed Stetzer
One of God’s greatest resources to fulfill His mission is people who are currently doing little to nothing– and they have been taught that is what they are supposed to be doing. Churches are filled with passive spectators rather than active participants in the mission of God.

Study: Obedience Not Easy Decision for Believers” – Russ Rankin
The survey reveals 64 percent of churchgoers agree with the statement: “A Christian must learn to deny himself/herself in order to serve Christ.” Nineteen percent disagree with the statement.

Name It to Evade It” -Regi Campbell
There’s amazing power in naming the sin that’s ‘got you’.

Please feel free to leave any comments or blog recommendations below.

In His service,

Joshua Hamilton
Ephesians 2:10 – For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

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